Baggies ("Hambag").

Finding the right handbag is like solving a Rubik's cube (darn you, Ernö Rubiks!) - there are so many features and specificities that we're each looking for, and more often than not, you stumble across bags that only tick 2/3 boxes, or 38/2391 boxes. It always leaves you wondering, 'Where the heck is the 74919/74919 bag!?' Well, to help you start your hunt (because be honest, we're always on the hunt), here are three brands that are doing all the right things.

P.S. Have you ever noticed how people don't say "hand-bag"? Instead, they often say "hambag". I don't know about you, but I don't like bags made out of ham - not even the nicest ham. I prefer the ones below - peruse at will.


These babies are designed AND made in Melbourne. Often you get lots of brands that are 'designed in Melbourne', but still made overseas. A-ESQUE keeps their workshop local, creating beautiful bags featuring a modern aesthetic, a slight twist on classic shapes, incredible quality, choice leathers, and the perfect amount of detailing - never overdoing it, but always providing the right amount of everything. You can check out their process here, which is so, so, so, so, so cool. 

BumbagCroc backpackDrawstring bagFace clutch

Deadly Ponies

New Zealand brand, Deadly Ponies, offers up a collection that tugs on the heartstrings of any human with a beating ticker. Using ethically sourced leather, small-scale production, and a team of local Kiwi craftspeople, Deadly Ponies creates an exclusive product that you're sure to love forever, and then hand on to your extremely fortunate offspring.

Mr Pom Pom Mr Molten Clutch Mr Cub Molten Mr Bamboo Fur

Status Anxiety

Hailing from Sydney, Status Anxiety brings us goodies made with ethically-sourced leather from France, Italy and New Zealand. With a quirky, yet simple aesthetic and high functionality, you can't really go wrong. In addition to that, Status Anxiety has put their foot down on the fast fashion fad and focuses on quality, details, and eyeball-pleasing design. *Applause*

passing_moment_handbag_black_LO_grande  bag_law_of_the_wild_black_front_grande bag_premonition_black_front_grandebag_gwyneth_cheetah_front_straps_grande