Pho, Hannah.


Salutations. I’m Hannah. I’m a 25-year-old human who has a thing for justice – kind of like how you can have a thing for k-pop, colour-coordinated stationery, bubble tea, velvet or British actors, but way more intense. It’s a value that is so deeply embedded into my heart and being, that it drives my thoughts and my actions.

Three sentences about myself: I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and still live here. I am a secondary school teacher, currently teaching History, English, and Music. I have big love for Jesus and long to see the world won for Him.

Fact: Although legal, 24-years is not very old. I’m practically still in my infancy. However, as I grow and mature, I want to lead a positive lifestyle that doesn’t exploit others and doesn’t destroy the world for the generations to come. That would hardly be fair.

Here is where we begin. Fashion is ace. I like it when things look pretty, and I think that creativity is rad. What is even cooler is when things are also ethical. I’m on a mission to do three things:

01) Buy less – stop buying things for the sake of buying things;
02) Buy better – invest in ethical and good quality items that I will actually wear;
03) Buy something with a story – shop sustainably for pre-loved items.

Do I know everything there is to know about social justice or the fashion industry? Nope. Will I ever? Nope. Does that make me useless? Nope.

Call me crazy, but I’m not down to support any industry that exploits people. Even if we get the good end of the bargain, and the exploitation doesn’t necessarily affect us personally, that’s not a good enough reason to disregard it and allow it to continue. That’s why I’m here.

That’s why you’re here.

This blog is an invitation to hold hands with me as we adventure into the land of aesthetics in the least vain way as possible. Assuming that you wear clothes everyday, venturing into ethical fashion is a way in which we can change the world on a daily basis.

I’m learning. You’re learning. Let’s learn together.

Your pal,