Traditionally, Wednesday is a day for sharing. In fact, that's why Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday? "What?" What? From now on, the third day of the week will be known as '#WEDNESDAY'! This will explain it a bit more:

So, what does that mean? Here are some ideas:

  • Show us your best ethical/op-shopped outifts
  • Name your secondhand clothes (I tend to favour traditional East European names)
  • Maybe even write a small story about your clothing item's former life
  • Show/tell us about how you're gradually changing your lifestyle to become more ethical

All you need to do is tag #_wearekingdom and we'll pick a favourite to share with everyone each #WEDNESDAY.

You can connect with us via Facebook (facebook.com/wearekingdomorg), Twitter (@_wearekingdom) or Instagram (@_wearekingdom).

Tag away and happy #WEDNESDAY!

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