Allow me to explain myself.

Hello, dear friends.

After what felt like, and actually was a month, I am back and posting. "Why were you absent for so long?" Good question. I study secondary teaching, therefore I was on teaching placement all month, which means less writing about clothes, and more writing about subordinate clauses, adverbial phrases, formal language and prosodic features.

Whilst I cannot promise that my posts will be written any better, I can assure you that I'll be able to analyse the syntax, semantics, discourse, morphology, phonology, and lexicology involved in each post, if you're interested.

However, behind the scenes, I have been working hard on a few side projects (get excited!), interviewing plenty of Humans Doing Life Real Good, shooting with KOOL KATS, planning more shoots, spending far too much money on new *ETHICAL* clothes, and happy-crying over #WEDNESDAY submissions.

But now it's game time again. I have missed you all. Let's resume our relationship.

- Han.