K I N G D O M . x BIG PICTURE STUFF: Fashion hiking #01.

IMG_4089 copy  IMG_4080 IMG_4082IMG_4117 copyIMG_4094 BW  IMG_4099 IMG_4098 copy IMG_4109 copy IMG_4114 copy IMG_4079 copyJacket: Cue // Top: American Apparel // Jeans: Dejour // Shirt: Uniqlo Photography: Vess Bong Model: Grace Sketcher Make-up: Livia Lai

A little while ago, we collaborated with our pals at Big Picture Stuff to style an ethical fashion feature for their site. Our girl, Gracie, came along on the adventure down to Werribee, plus we made some new mates - Livia Lai, make-up artist, and Natalie Tirant, photographer.

Here are some discoveries from our adventure:

01) We are embarrassingly 'eastern suburbs-y'. Werribee is not that far away. We were not "in the bush". 02) My darling, Gracie-Lou, is the same size as me in everything. Greatest discovery since this photo: BhMY1sCCUAArLyi03) Werribee Gorge State Park is the perfect backdrop for reditions of 'Bet On It' from the worst High School Musical movie, HSM2, and Lion King monologues.

I'm super excited to share all the shots from this series with you. If it doesn't make you want to sing and dance like Zac Efron at his most flamboyant, I don't know what will.