K I N G D O M . x BIG PICTURE STUFF: Fashion hiking #03.

IMG_4187IMG_4230 copy IMG_4197 copy IMG_4207 copy V5V12 V8 Dress: vintage // Vest: Ekoluv Photography: Natalie Tirant & Hannah Pho Model: Vess Bong Make-up: Livia Lai

Welcome to Part #03 of our collaboration with Big Picture Stuff! This was from that time we dressed Vess up as a magestic blue and black bird and sent her off to make her home amongst the trees with the rest of her avian friends. It was all going well for a while - her nest was built beautifully (three storeys!), and it was decked out with IKEA furniture and pretty homewares from Gorman - but then we decided that we couldn't leave her there because we all needed to go home and she was the one with the car.