#yolotour2k14: Son Francisca.

SF panoramaI am now enjoying my last few hours in San Francisco before I step through the next portal and arrive in New York to embark on the next, and final, leg of #yolotour2k14. This trip solidified SF as a home away from home – I even wondered at one point why there were so many people with American accents, then remembered where I was. And then I turned into a chameleon. Shopping in SF whilst keeping the three goals in mind was difficult for a few reasons. I quickly learnt that the best way to avoid the temptation to buy lovely-yet-unethical-items was to stay out of the shop all together. This was realised after I went on a beautiful date one afternoon with my long-time lover, Urban Outfitters, and then had to have the serious conversation about parting ways because I didn’t agree with his lifestyle choices. It broke my heart.

I did meet someone else though. A few friends had tried to set us up before, and I’ve always found them attractive, alas I never had time to go visit them in Melbourne, nor did I have the funds to support the lifestyle they appeared to indulge themselves in. However, holidays are the perfect time for a fling – though I’m about 98% sure that this will develop into something significant. Guys, I’ll tell you who they are, but don’t make this a big deal, and don’t start Facebook-stalking them or whatever because that’s not cool. I finally started seeing: American Apparel. I’ll tell you more about our truly magical relationship later.

The most difficult part was discovering incredible secondhand stores and then having to say no to a million and one things that I wanted to love and cherish. Here are the best places to pick up some pre-loved threads and love them some more:

01) Haight-Ashbury An entire street of vintage where it's not uncommon to find a random old man dressed up as a wizard, or kid with dreadlocks. Living the dream. Bring some cash-money, a polaroid camera and some glitter to pay the wizard.

02) Crossroads Trading Co., Berkeley There are a few Crossroads around (including Haight-Ashbury), but this one is the sibling I'd choose in a game of 'Who Would You Rather'. Secondhand clothes and consigned items are plenty, and milk and honey are flowing nearby.

03) Buffalo Exchange, Berkeley I struck gold at Buffalo Exchange. Everything is carefully curated and organised by size and article so that you don't have to waste time digging through the piles of clothes left by the messy and inconsiderate raccoons who always seem to raid the store first thing in the morning (punks).

Inventory of SF purchases and outfit posts coming soon..

Aside from acquiring a a bunch of new fabric friends, I have had a wonderful time catching up with friends and family, and making some new human friends too. I could easily stay another decade, however I am also far too excited to see what New York has to offer this time round (and it means that I get to see my sister soon too!).

SF, it has been a pleasure. Until next time, over and out.