COLOURFUL STUFF that you can buy at the Ethical Fashion Market.

Photo 15-06-2014 3 05 40 pm Photo 15-06-2014 3 07 23 pm Photo 15-06-2014 3 02 23 pm Photo 15-06-2014 3 01 48 pmPhotography: Jacob Dyer

My sister, Naomi, helped me out the other night by modelling some of the clothes that will be available to buy at the Ethical Fashion Market this weekend. We tend to elicit silliness out of each other, so due to this, you'll start to see that our faces and bodies get worse as we progress.. Either way, it's not about us - it's about the clothes!

Anyway, each day this week, we'll post up some more items that you'll have a chance to pick up this weekend at the market! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@_wearekingdom) to see some extra pictures of gems that we find as we're sorting through clothes.

Today is all about COLOURFUL THINGS that will be for sale! Get in early on Saturday to snap them up!