K I N G D O M . presents: The Ethical Fashion Market.

Kingdom- Poster- A3- no bleed- 03 (1)I am extremely thrilled to announce that K I N G D O M . will be hosting its first event next month! Presenting: The Ethical Fashion Market. Think of it as a giant op-shop. Most of my clothes will be on sale (we'll show you what's on offer later!), as well as plenty of other gems donated by my family, pals, and those in our community. If you, dear reader, would like to donate any fashion items (strictly fashion items, i.e. clothes, accessories, shoes - not accepting secondhand furniture or knick-knacks, sorry), email me at [email protected] and I'll give you details as to how to get them to us.

All the proceeds will go towards the Box Hill Salvation Army's Emergency Relief program, which does incredible work helping countless people in the community who are in need. If you're feeling super generous and feel like bringing additional donations along - whether that be tinned food, toiletries, financial donations or anything else that would help the Emergency Relief program - that'd also be greatly appreciated!

So block out Saturday, 21 June, 10am-3pm, save up your pennies, and we'll see you at The Ethical Fashion Market!