HUMANS DOING LIFE REAL GOOD: Oscar Lee-Archer & Kartik Misra.

Okay boysMeet my friends, Oscar Lee-Archer & Kartik Misra. Oscar & Kartik, everyone; everyone, Oscar & Kartik.

We are 20-years-old and hail from Melbourne. We are avid coffee lovers. Our minds operate in sync most of the time, and we’d love to swap brains with Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton. We’re trying to bring back the phrase ‘all gravy’. If we were on a television show, it’d be Gossip Girl.

If nothing were impossible we’d make education free. We’re being interviewed because we're trying to make a difference in the world while improving peoples' wardrobes. We’re passionate about educating people about thinking about every purchase they make.

The coolest thing we’ve done so far is starting our own business! The greatest thing we want to achieve is an article in GQ Magazine.

The following things are important: Community (especially family and friends), happiness, and wardrobe basics. The following things are not important: Discriminating by race, debating with egoists, and Crocs and Snuggies.

We contribute contemporary ideals transformed into clothing to the Kingdom.

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