Lily sleeves.

photo-5Hannah-Kingdom-15iiHannah-Kingdom-6iiPhotography: Jacob Dyer

Something that makes me super happy: Cue is an ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited brand, AND it's made in Australia.

I found this top hanging patiently on a coat hanger at the back of the store, drink in hand, waiting for me to make the first move (clothing is usually pretty shy, but luckily I'm relatively forward). Cue always comes through with the goods, and this top is possibly my favourite thing that I've ever purchased from them. Not only is the whole world in love with white right now, but the greatest part about this top are these petal sleeves. It's like wearing two white lily petals to protect your shoulders from burning (which actually is a trick I once learnt from a garden faerie). At the same time, it also has a slight traditional-Chinese-military-uniform-vibe about it (appropriate). Oh, to be delicate, yet fierce at the same time.

High-five, Cue.

Note: I cannot be trusted to wear white AND keep it clean. If you have any tips on how to be a better owner of white clothing, please send your advice in my direction. Suggestions for support groups would also be appreciated.

Check out Cue's ethical stance here, and then have a cheeky shop here.