AOK: Okay.

OkayPhotography: Nick Allchin


If you’ve encountered me in person, you’ve probably thought at some point, This girl only seems to wear the one brand of t-shirt, and she wears them every time I see her. I really hope she washes them.

Meet the champs behind the obsession: Okay Clothing.

Hailing from Melbourne-town, these two boys, Oscar Lee-Archer and Kartik Misra, set out to create a collection of affordable no-brainer staples. During a post-high school weekly catch-up, the idea of starting a clothing label came about, “We thought this best encompassed both of our passions (the amount of times we would turn up to events to find that we were wearing basically the same outfit was uncanny!).”

When asked about the ethics behind Okay, the duo share their heart, “We believe there's more to just making clothes and that you enjoy your garments that little bit extra in the knowledge that they weren't created in sweatshops. Shopping with a conscience is the best kind of shopping!”

Despite being so simple and ridiculously easy to wear, the threads from Okay still make you look like the coolest kid around. It might be in the refined-yet-not-overly-feminine cursive of the ‘Okay’, or it could be in the Emoji-flavoured AOK hand logo (I can’t think of a single human who doesn’t like Emojis) – either way, the understated trendiness of Okay’s collection makes it a winner for all those who want to look like they know how to skate, but don’t actually possess any co-ordination (i.e. me).

P.S. Their clothes may be designed with males in mind, however as evidenced by my extensive collection, all tees and jumpers fit super-duper well on those known as ‘females’. And the guys are totally cool with that, “Of course it would be a dream to see famous people wearing our garments out of their own willingness and fondness of our label. However, we find it the most pleasing and satisfying seeing almost anyone enjoying our clothes (whether it be our parents, our friends or people on the street). It’s a great feeling to see people appreciating what we have done so far.”

P.P.S. My extensive collection also evidences how affordable Okay’s pieces are. The quality, fit and price of Okay Clothing gear is legitimately superior to that of a lot of standard chain stores. For example, I hate it when t-shirts twist and stretch after one wash; my Okay tees have NEVER done that. Winner winner chicken dinner.

So what’s next? “We’re constantly thinking about what we can bring out next and we’re excited every time a new season comes around because it means another chance to express ourselves through our clothes. At the moment we’ve got a few things happening but hats are at the top of our list!”

And the dream? “Essentially to grow and become a recognised label in the streetwear industry; not only for producing fashionable garments but also for striving to manufacture them as ethically as possible. If we can do what we love for the rest of our lives and make people feel good as consumers, we will be very happy guys.”

With their keen eye for what is technically referred to as ‘cool stuff’, and their heart set on what is good, Okay Clothing is in for a good time. I say we jump on their bandwagon now and get this fair trade goodness all over our bodies.

Get to know the boys a bit more here!

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