The 'I am circus/optical illusion' outfit.

HannahPho-1578 HannahPho-1598 photo-5HannahPho-1614 HannahPho-1732Shirt: Uriana // Cropped jumper: American Apparel // Jeans: Dejour JeansPhotography: Kendra Lim

Remember those Magic Eye books that were published by N.E. Thing Enterprises (later renamed Magic Eye Inc. in 1996)? Dad said that I had to donate my entire collection the the Salvos because they were cluttering up the bookcase and I never looked at them - however I am crippled by sentimentality. So instead of giving them away, I ate all of my Magic Eye books.  Page by page, I ate them. That was a terrible mistake because now these automatic glittery purple paintbrushes extend out of my eyeballs and paint whatever I'm looking at into an optical illusion. It's very inconvenient on the days that I don't want to look like a circus.