What to expect.

Hey there. So, I’ve chit-chatted about what I believe in and what my intentions are (if you haven't seen that, go rummaging through the other tabs up there). That’s cool, but what is that all going to look like on this site? That’s a good question! Allow me to explain what you can expect on K I N G D O M .

  • I’mma take you shopping: Not that I think it’s overly exciting, but check out what I’m wearing and purchasing with my three intentions in mind. Whether or not you like my style, the main thing is that I’ll get to share my progress in the hope that you’ll all keep me accountable!
  • You’ll learn what I’m learning: I’m on a quest to find brands and designers that make ethical clothes that aren’t made of hemp and that don’t make me look like a hippy. As I discover these gems, I’ll let you in on them so that you can enjoy them too. Plus any other information that I’m learning will be shared with you too.
  • There will be many stories: Use them as bedtime stories, or read them to non-English speakers, but don't live by them. Nothing will be learnt from the untold stories of secondhand clothing.
  • You can meet my pals: Everyone is welcome in the kingdom, and everyone can contribute in one way or another. Furthermore, the cool thing about wanting to change the world is that anyone can do it. I’m constantly meeting people that are making the world an infinitely better place just by being alive and doing what they do. I reckon you need to meet them, so I’ll introduce you guys right here!
  • Other fun things about other stuff: I’m into a lot of non-fashion-related things and get really enthusiastic about them, so no doubt I’ll share them with you here no matter how unrelated they are. It’ll give you a chance to get to know me better – it’ll all [read: “the person that is ‘Hannah Pho’ will”] make so much more sense when you do.

Cool beans.