#youareKINGDOM2k16: Activewear champions.


We have ACTIVEWEAR CHAMPIONS: Pink PunkDharma Bums & Positive Pants!

Meet the champions!

Pink Punk

Pink Punk has entered our lives at a good time. Regardless of being less than 12-months old, Pink Punk is providing the activewear market with a much needed injection of fun. They're showing all the other teams how it's done, and we have Tarah to thank.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Tarah in the brains, heart and hands of Pink Punk. Born from a passion for dance, fitness and health, the mother of two learnt how to design and sew activewear for herself, and out of that hobby grew a new local business.

Pink Punk garments are designed to fit bodies like a glove, but not just some bodies - Pink Punk welcomes ALL bodies. Real bodies. As well as offering ladies sizes up to size 26, they also offer maternity options, and kids sizes for sports, dance, gymnastics gear. Tarah shares, "We proudly showcase that variety in our marketing. We want to disrupt the narrow minded vibe that the fashion industry can be known for. All women (and little women) should feel connected to the brand and our ethics. We're here for the customers, not to put on a show."

Moreover, Pink Punk activewear is made from high performance sports fabric which is versatile enough to be used well beyond fitness wear, including water sports, and casual wear. With "unapologetically vibrant and quirky [prints], each piece is a talking point" - and might I add, worth showing off as much as possible.

As we described on Instagram, Pink Punk is the equivalent of a home-cooked meal. All of the fabric is sourced and printed locally, and then everything is cut and sewn in Australia too. In fact, much of the hands-on work is done by Tarah herself. We here at KINGDOM. love the community effort! We give a big thumbs up to Australian businesses helping out other Aussie businesses! What's also amazing is the price point. Even though our local champions are competing with the 'big guys', their price point is still lower than most brands who import mass produced garments.

At the end of the day, Pink Punk have got their priorities straight, as Tarah explains, "Those of us in the industry know that what's behind a truly ethical garment vs a mass produced garment is something very different. Bringing awareness to the ethics, the positive economic impact we promote, and of course the passion and back stories behind the garments/brand/designer/maker is a constant agenda."

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Manufactured in country of origin
Small scale production ✓

Dharma Bums

There is something to be said about companies that make their ethics, policies, and values so widely accessible and evident. When I come across brands that do this, I immediately become 1000 times more interested in who they are and what they do. Dharma Bums are these kind o' folks - the good kind.

If one were to look at Dharma Bums at face value, one thing would be strikingly obvious: their products are freaking cool. As a "yogi" and "dancer", I want to at least appear cool even though I'm mostly uncoordinated and can't actually do any of the poses or moves properly. Whether you're wanting to look pretty, artsy, whimsical, athletic, or like a optical illusion, Dharma Bums has got you covered.

More importantly though, their ethics are at the core of their company, and it starts from the very first step. Upon emailing the team at Dharma Bums to enquire further out their ethics, we received a response that warmed our hearts, "The key values behind our company are to ensure that everyone involved with Dharma Bums as a supplier or worker are: treated with respect, paid fairly, work in safety, face no harassment, and are of legal working age."

Those are some pretty high standards to adhere to though, and they are often some of the hardest of which to be accountable. However, Dharma Bums aim for transparency, and this is reflected in their choice to make onshore in Australia, "We have very close relationships with all the supply chain and work with ️️Ethical Clothing Australia to ensure all policies set out by ECA are adhered to. We want to empower people through Dharma Bums not oppress them. This means having a strong and reinforced code of conduct."

So far, we are loving what we see AND hear. As you should know well, the KINGDOM. fam is a massive fan of integrity, and we love that Dharma Bums have integrity written all over them.

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Ethical Clothing Australia certified
Manufactured in country of origin
Local ✓
Transparent supply chain/production

Positive Pants

Has anyone else heard about the concept of 'happy pants'? That is, pants that make you feel happy when you wear them? I'm not sure if it's a real thing or whether I conjured it up in a dream once upon a time, but I'm pretty sure that 'happy' and 'pants' are two words that could go together. Either way, it doesn't matter because REAL LIFE HAPPY PANTS ACTUALLY EXIST - except they're called 'Positive Pants' (because the social enterprise wasn't named by a 5-year-old).

Positive Pants is a Melbourne-based social enterprise that aims to help those less fortunate, but also provide encouragement to those who engage with their mission. Inside your Positive Pants, you will find an uplifting and motivational message printed there to help keep you positive all day long. I don't know about you, but this immediately reminds me of superhero attire, and in so many ways, this is very true of Positive Pants.

Aside from being ethically made in Australia by Ethical Clothing Australia accredited sewers, Positive Pants have another initiative that cements their place in the 'doing the right thing' category even further. Their 'One For One' initiative sees every pair of Positive Pants purchased resulting in a subsequent donation to a woman in need. That is to say, every time a pair of Positive Pants is sold, another pair is donated to someone who may not be able to afford clean or new underwear.

Have you ever considered how fortunate you are to be able to put on a pair of clean, let alone any underwear everyday? Not only does that benefit your general comfort, but it also benefits your health. Positive Pants understand that basics shouldn't be taken for granted, and through their organisation, more people are gaining access to basics that all people need, yet not all people can acquire. The heart behind the Positive Pants mission is something that we all need to champion and support! We applaud founder, Shel, for all her hard work and for doing her part to make life a more positive experience for all.

It's good to know that happy pants really do exist.

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Has a social impact
Profits to philanthropy
Manufactured in country of origin
Made by Ethical Clothing Australia accredited sewers ✓