#youareKINGDOM2k16: Swimwear champion.

We have a SWIMWEAR CHAMPION: Kuwaii's Microcosm Rash Top and Microcosm Bikini Bottom!

Made in Melbourne powerhouse Kuwaii are consistently killing the game each season with their dynamic balance between classic and on trend colour palettes, architectural shapes, strategic design surprises, and high quality textiles. Whilst swimwear isn't Kuwaii's main man, we can still be assured that their swimwear collections will be just as great as everything else that they create. This past summer's collection proved our point ten times over.

We are in love with the versatility of the rash top, as it can be worn as a regular top in addition to its swimwear purposes. Plus, the triangular cut-out at the back stops the top from being too similar to those truly daggy rashies that we all wore when we were younger (fluoro pink turtlenecks, anyone?). The length is perfect for keeping the top flattering ("EVERYONE, PLEASE NOTICE THAT I HAVE A WAIST"), yet sun-safe at the same time. Same goes for the sleeves - long enough to both cover awkward tan lines AND avoid creating new ones. Mannnnnn, the Kuwaii gals done good!

(Side note: for those of us who work with children, this top is ideal for swimming, trips to the beach, school camps, or any occasion whereby you have to be particularly sun-safe AND child-safe. In these types of situations, this top helpfully announces that you are both responsible and not lame - perfect for working with young people! You're welcome.)

The high-waisted bikini bottoms are the perfect partner for the champion rashie as it follows on from the flattering silhouette of the top, whilst showing the perfect amount of skin in between pieces. People will no doubt speculate from afar - 'Is it a one-piece? Are they separates?' Who cares - you look rad and that's worthy of a high-five.

Kuwaii, you are the champion.

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