"I like what you're doing with your blog and I want to get involved too! How can I contribute?"

So, you know how I explained that everyone is welcome into the Kingdom? That means that EVERYONE can contribute, and EVERYONE is valued. #WEDNESDAY is a platform where you can share what's going on in your little corner of the Kingdom. "But no one will be interested in what's going on in my life.." WRONG! I, Hannah Pho, am extremely interested and excited! All of my friends are too!

Whether it's a blog post, an illustration, or even a song, we want to see how you are implementing Kingdom/KINGDOM. values in your life! So make sure that you submit your #WEDNESDAY posts by tagging #_wearekingdom on either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whichever online castle you live in. Alternatively, you can send your submissions to [email protected]

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

The beauty about changing the world is that there are so many ways to do it. Moreover, there's stuff that each of us specialise in - for example, I, Hannah Pho, would not be able to change the world through sport. I am unbelievably uncoordinated, and I can't catch things; I let things fall to the floor, and then pick them up later. However, I know others who could definitely change lives through sport, and as for me, there are other disciplines that I am more effective in. Anyway, not to brag, but I reckon I've got some pretty incredible people in my life. These are people that are making the world an infinitely better place just by being alive and doing what they're passionate about and investing in their gifts and talents. They each inspire me in completely different and unique ways, but isn't that the point?

So, grab yourself a coffee and pretend that you're chilling at your favourite cafe with these guys as you read all about them. That's what I'd do all day if I could.