HOMEGROWN: Market lineup - Drop 05.

We're all for BIG hearts here at KINGDOM., and that's why we love Homegrown Heroes, BeeKeeper! These champs create products that aim to "change the world, nourish and support the people and animals that dwell on our planet, to seek solutions to our environmental crisis, to use business to inspire people to consume less, to do more and BEE MORE and to support BabyTree Projects in its fight for quality education for all children." Phew! That's a mission and a half, but BeeKeeper are well underway. 'Hero' is definitely the right description.

So excited to partner with you, BeeKeeper!

And to get us through the day in my preferred way (dancing), Yoko Momo will be upcycling beats (HA) and making them cooler than ever before. Guaranteed good times ahead!

HOMEGROWN: Market lineup - Drop 04.

Welcome back to Homegrown Heroes, THRD EYE! THRD EYE are back for their second Ethical Fashion Market, and we know that y'all are grateful! Our fellow Melbournian brothers are here to make us all a bit cooler with their streetwear. Thanks, boys!

Glad to have you on the Homegrown team, THRD EYE!

As far as social enterprises go, HoMie are showing us all how it's done! These guys are Homegrown Heroes in every sense of the word - Melburnians helping Melburnians; people finding real value in other people. We have a lot to learn from these guys, and good news is that we can! Pop by the market to have a chat to our HoMies and learn a thing or two.

Stoked to have you on the team, HoMie!

HOMEGROWN: Market lineup - Drop 03.

The next of our Homegrown Heroes that we'd like to introduce are none other than Grace & Able!
These heroes empower artisans and their families in underprivileged countries through business. If you're after jewellery that looks great, that is made well, and that supports a great cause, look no further.

Can't wait to hang with you at the market, Grace & Able!

How could we have an 'ethical fashion market' without Australia's most ethical fashion brand!? Everyone, please welcome Etiko! With over 10 years experience in making fashion fair, we have a lot to learn from these Homegrown Heroes!

Glad to have you on the team, Etiko!

Gentlemen, you enjoy looking dapper, yes? Well, we're here to encourage you on that venture because dapper men are to be celebrated (hehhhhhh). Her Random Outbursts by Liana Hardy is bringing her upcycled, handmade and homemade bow ties to the market just for you guys!

Welcome to the KINGDOM. fam, Liana Hardy!

HOMEGROWN: Market lineup - Drop 02.

KINGDOM. fam, it's time to introduce you to another one of our Homegrown Heroes! Please welcome, Positive Pants! You may recognise the social enterprise from our #youareKINGDOM2k16 post on activewear. They'll be bringing even more than activewear to the market, including underwear and sleepwear. Postive Pants are all about giving back, and we love that a lot!

Welcome to the team, Positive Pants!

What would an event be without coffee? What would MELBOURNE be without coffee? Well, GOOD NEWS FOR ALL - Capulus Roastery are back again this year to fuel you guys, as well as our team.

Love your work, Capulus! Save us a coffee.. or five. 

For the first time in Ethical Fashion Market history, we have a stall just for the little ones - please welcome The Little Sparrow! The Little Sparrow creates fair, ethical and fun products for
children, and all their products are made with love in Bangladesh and Nepal. Little ones, rejoice! You get to play with us too!

Looking forward to having you at the market, The Little Sparrow!